Buildings Galore!

Clearly, in a City-Building game, one would expect to find buildings.  That is most definitely the case in Pharaoh, and here we will show you the various buildings you can construct in the game.  Use the links at the bottom to navigate your way around, but you might first like to take a look at the key we’re using:

Name – the name of the building (there’s a surprise 😉 ).

Cost – given in deben, the currency used in Pharaoh.

Employees needed – the number of people needed to ensure it works at maximum capacity and efficiency.

Desirability – whether people like to have 1 near them or not.  There’s a key beneath each table so you can see just where the building comes on the overall desirability scale.

Risk of fire – whether it’s likely to catch fire if it’s not near a firehouse.

Risk of collapse – whether it’s likely to fall down if an engineer doesn’t pass by from time to time.

Notes – anything else needed to make the building work.