News archive: November 2000

Cleo Patch on the Way!
November 27, 2000 9:19 AM EST

Impressions’s Itchy just posted this here in the Senet House:

We have been working (i.e. testing) with BreakAway Games (the developer of Cleopatra) on a new .exe that addresses the issues that were uncovered in Cleo. We are also sending off the game exe to the localization group in Dublin so that we can release a new exe for Cleo simultaneously for all language groups.
Once we have more concrete dates for release, I’ll let everyone know.

Thanks for your continued patience.



Angel Reckless Rodent

New Official Forum
November 23, 2000 10:33 AM EST

The official forum has moved home – they’ve unpacked all their boxes and await your visit here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

Cheapo Pharaoh
November 19, 2000 11:55 AM EST

The following update comes to you via downloads king Angel Draco:

At American “Circuit City” stores:

Pharaoh – $19.99 (after $10 mail-in rebate)
Cleopatatra – $19.99

At those prices, you can’t afford not to buy Pharaoh or Cleo ;).

Angel Reckless Rodent

Got AOK?
November 7, 2000 3:01 PM EST

If you have Age of Kings, then this press release from Angel Thunder from Age of Kings Heaven might well be of interest to you:

It’s time to polish your sword Agers and get ready to fight for King of the Hill! Age of Kings Heaven presents the King of Heaven Hill Tournament which will be held starting November 11 on GameSpy Arcade. This 1 on 1 single elimination Age of Empires II: The Conquerors event will weed out would be rulers, and crown the true King of the hill. For full details on game settings, prizes, and how to register visit:

Angel Reckless Rodent

Feast or Famine Winners
November 5, 2000 8:50 PM EST

The results are posted for the Feast or Famine Friendly Competition.

In the Expert Class Brugle was the fastest at July 2 with Andreas Hauffe, Max and Plebus hot on his trail. For the Novice Class, Gomericus took first place with Gill Britannica following by only a few months.

All 18 of the competitors are to be congratulated for finishing a really tough speed mission. Thanks to homegrown and Baltic for the mission design, and again to Baltic for organizing the contest.

Angel Gustavia