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Pharaoh: A New Era has been released

The remake of Pharaoh by Triskell and Dotemu, Pharaoh: A New Era, has been released!

Pharaoh: A New Era is the remake of the original game released in 1999. This remake includes:

  • 53 missions and hundreds of hours of gameplay and fun
  • Campaign (split into six different eras) and Sandbox mode
  • Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile extension for FREE
  • Dancing hippos (yes)
  • Original soundtrack rearranged and re-orchestrated by Louis Godart and all incredible musicians involved
  • Modern graphics to behold every single building and monument (just like back in the days)
  • Improved and modernized gameplay, a fresh user interface in addition to several QoL changes

Get your digital copy now at a 15% release discount from GOG or Steam.

Pharaoh: A New Era Demo

Triskell and Dotemu have released the demo for Pharaoh: A New Era on Steam. You can download it from the game’s Steam page, but do so in a timely fashion, because it’s only available this week:

As you may already know, Pharaoh: A New Era will be coming to Steam later this year. However, we are well aware that most of you have been waiting for a while to see new gameplay footage of the game. Well, we thought of a much better thing for you: how about trying the game instead? Indeed, the first FREE demo of Pharaoh: A New Era is now available until February 28 (7 PM CET)!

Come join us at the new forum section for Pharaoh: A New Era to discuss it!

Q&A with Chris Beatrice about Pharaoh

Last week Triskell, who are developing the Pharaoh remake Pharaoh: A New Era, organized a Q&A with Chris Beatrice, the lead designer of Pharaoh.

Community members could ask questions and Chris has provided answers to many of them. Triskell has written them up in two articles. Part One covers questions related to Pharaoh’s development and gameplay, art direction and history, and in-game features. Part Two covers questions related to improvements and “what if” questions and other topics.

The Return of the Revamped Downloads

Angel Pecunia performed another bit of magic, with a tiny, tiny bit of help from yours truly, and moved all of the Pharaoh Downloads into the new format.

You can find them here.

October Screenshot Competition

A reminder that you have 2 more days to get your entries to me. So far we've had one entry - I'm sure more than one person has had a disaster that's worth a screenshot ...

More information can be found here.

October Screenshot Competition

The October competition is being widened to include all the citybuilding games in the hopes of attracting more entries. The best entries will be added to our gallery.

So, what's the competition? It's for a screenshot, taken in normal gameplay, for the heading 'Worst Disaster'. Earthquake, fire, flood ... any shot that you think comes under that description can be entered. I realise that not all the games have the same disasters, but each has something that can come under that heading.

Contest Rules:

1. Your screenshot must be an image generated only by the core game (which does include the 'cheats').

2. Your screenshot must be saved in jpg, jpeg, or gif format.

3. Your screenshot must not be retouched using image-editing software.

4. Your screenshot must not contain content in violation of HeavenGames rules and guidelines.

5. Screenshots must be received by 31st October.

Screenshot Submissions:

1. You may enter a maximum of one screenshot for each of the CB games.

2. Submit your screenshot by attaching it to an email sent to GillB

Children of the Nile Section

We've been busy, as you will soon notice, collecting lots of information for the upcoming Egytian game, Children of the Nile, from places like the official forums; and gathered it all in a little compendium.

You can find the Heaven Games interview with Chris Beatrice there, and some new screen shots. Yes, new screenshots!

The current design is still a temporary one, so don't be too disappointed if everything doesn't quite work yet.

Many thanks to the Heaven Games team comprising Jayhawk, Pecunia, EJay and Granite Q, and special thanks of course to Chris Beatrice of Tilted Mill. ;)

You can find it here