Now we have the demo to play with, we can start to make some nice unit pictures. Here's what I have located so far. I'll try to sort them per group.

With the advent of the full game, some more walkers have been found wandering the streets of Thebes and Men-nefer

Ordinary People

Oh look! It's some new arrivals to your new town. I can see Mom, Dad, and even a little kid. [left]

This fellow has found a place to live and is checking out the sites in your town. Yes, you are quite correct this is a typical example of an upright citizen. [right]

A homeless wanderer. He's just been evicted and is wondering whether he can get your attention by robbing the Palace. [left]

Now you don't want to see too many of these people wander around your map. Totally disillusioned with your feeble attempts at city building, he's looking for a better place. [right]

This shady character is a criminal. These guys will rob you blind. They won't be satisfied with stealing from the palace vaults, if they can they will even rob your mansion. [left]

From rags to riches. This natty looking chap is part of the local aristocracy. Scribes don't work, require at least one (sometimes even more) of everything, but seem to be willing to pay a huge amount of tax.  [right]

Trade People

This is the return of the dreaded market lady, it's the bazaar buyer. At least now you can specify what she's actually supposed to go and get. [left]

And this her friend the bazaar trader. She's the one that actually keeps your houses supplied with those goods that can be found at her market. [right]

These little chaps, still up to eight of them, can be found dogging the bazaar buyer's heels. The little tykes are lugging around the market goods. [left]

It's a cart pusher. Still they struggle on bringing your goods to the storage areas. You got to be careful though, the are apt to drown. [right]

Food Business

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an ostrich! This flightless bird keeps your hunters busy and your people fed. Careful you don't hunt them to extinction though. [left]

Always on the lookout for prey, one of these bow carrying louts confided in me: "Ostriches are nearly invisible when they stick their heads in the sand." [right]

These birds live in swamps and are another of your hunter's favourite prey. [left]

Running away won't help, even the graceful antelope are fair prey for your intrepid hunters [right]

Fish are jumping and the barley is high. Another food source, but these critters won't be caught by the hunter, you need some specialised people here, namely fishermen. [left]

Plying the river Nile these little reed boats are making sure your people won't miss out on the treasures of the river. [right]

The Non-Food Sector

Not all animals are prey for your hunters The hippopotamus has a nasty disposition and enjoys chasing and killing your reed gatherers and hunters. Some will even invade your cities and go on a killing spree. [left]

This green ancient reptile will move in and eat any of your hapless walkers that wanders too close to the shores of the river. You will come to dread the sound of it's jaws slamming shut and the feeble cries of it's victims. [right]

Last but not least the hyena. These vicious animals hunt in packs and will kill any walker or trader they can get their teeth in. However, in a one to one fight with a policeman or a hunter they can normally be killed. [left]


The reed gatherer is the one that kick starts your budding civilisation. Without his day long activities among the reeds your libraries will never unfold. Something tells me he's going to get into trouble with the crocodiles. [left]

Health Care

First in your line of health improving experts is the lowly water carrier. He brings water from the source right on your citizens doorsteps. [left]

There is a doctor in the house too. For all your malaria suffering citizens waiting to be cured.  [right]

When you suffer from toothache, this is the man to see. The upper-class citizens don't want to live without him. [left]

Herbs are healthy, ask any of our faithful. The herbalist takes care of the apothecaries and supplies them with fresh herbals [right]

Last but not least, when your citizens are ready to be judged by Anubis, they will make a last visit to the embalmer's shop. Make sure you have enough linen for all those bandages. [left]

Government Officials

Another water carrier? Well, sort of, this chappy is the fire marshal. He and his friends patrol your town and carry enough water to put out any fire the find. [left]

His friend the engineer is looking for structural defects. Day in day out he's wandering the streets looking for something to fix. [right]

The boys in blue are there to prevent robbery and other nastiness. Always on the lookout for riotous behavior they patrol the streets of Memphis or any other Egyptian city. [left]

Here's a man with a mission. His mission is to make you richer than Croesus. Well, that's what any tax collector would tell you, isn't it? [right]

Another of the very important authority figures. This well dressed man is a magistrate. He is here to judge and he is the law personified. [left]


This well tanned individual is the juggler. He's one of the many entertainers keeping your people happy by performing on street corners. [left]

Dressed in sheer white linen these lovely musicians perform in groups of three on the larger entertainment venues. [right]

The lithe dancers need even more space and will only perform on the largest of the entertainment pavilions . [left]

The illusive Senet Master has finally been located. He was found hiding in a lower class housing area sipping beer. He should be out there entertaining the rich folk and challenging them to a game of Senet. [right]

Religious Advisors

The shepherds of your people and the guardians of your faith. The priests walk the streets proclaiming the glory of their god. This chap is a priest to Osiris the Lord of the River. [left]

Next is one of Bastet's followers. The goddess will bring peace to your city and her fellow gods. [right]

Ra is the next god in our pantheon. He is most concerned with your standing among your peers and influences your trade and kingdom ratings. [left]

The priests of Ptah are keeping watch over your industries, offend him and you can be sure your storage yards start falling apart. [right]

In times of unrest it pays well to keep Seth happy as his blessing will keep your soldiers safe in battle whether they are near or far from home. [left]


After the reed gatherer and the papyrus maker have done their jobs the librarian is ready to bring the wisdom of ages to your citizens. [left]

The teacher is there to train the children and make sure they understand the wisdom that is stored in the library. [right]


This man and a team of his friend do the grunt work for your monument. On wooden sleds they drag the monstrous stones to your building sites and pull them up the wooden ramps. [left]

Making sure each mud-brick is put there where it can with stand the ages the brick layer and his friends are a vital part in constructing mastabas. [right]

Once your monuments are made of stone the stone masons will be there to place them, row up on row and work with you to complete your mausoleums and pyramids. [left]

When you need to go up, the carpenter is your friend. Whether you are building steles or pyramids, his scaffolding is what gets the stones to where they are needed. [right]


I spotted this chap for the first time while I was busy in Rostja. He and his friends in the tower protect your city from it's enemies. [left]