Hetepsenusret (Kahun)

Commodity Local Import Export Commodity Local Import Export
Wheat Farm            
Fish Wharf            
Game Meat Hunter's Lodge            
Raw Materials Finished Goods
Straw Wheat Farm     Brick
(needed for pyramids)
Brickmaker 2500 - Dakha Oasisi Land  
Clay Claypit     Pottery
(grave goods)
        Beer   ?  
(grave goods)
  ? 1500 - Dakha Oasisi Land
Gems   1500 - Baki Land   Luxury goods
(grave goods)
Jeweler   2500 - Dakha Oasisi Land
Reeds Reed Gatherer     Papyrus
(grave goods)
Papyrusmaker   2500 - Dakha Oasisi Land
(needed for pyramids/mausoleum)
Forester     Chariot/Wharves Chariotmaker
Copper   1500 - Baki Land   Weapons
(grave goods)
(needed for pyramids)
(needed fro mausoleum)
  25 - Baki Land          

Note: Commodities in grey are not relevant to this scenario, either because it is not needed for completing the scenario, or the commodity can only be imported which makes exporting rather futile, or because the industry to convert the raw material to the finished product is not available in this city.

Water Marks a river based trade route. Note: this needs a working dock.
Land Marks a land based trade route

Prices received for finished goods
  Full Import Raw
Weapons 325 85
Chariot 315 90
Papyrus 165 134
Luxury goods 160 40
Linen 150 96
Beer 140 92
(needs 100 clay + 25 straw)
120 112.5/82/74.5
Pottery 105 68
Best raw material exports
Copper 185  
Wood 170  
Granite 65  

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