Pharaoh Heaven's Strategy page is indeed the place to be to get all the information you could ever possibly need to learn how to play Pharaoh better.  Here's what we have to offer right now (if there's something missing that you think would be useful, or if you want to submit a strategy article, then mail Angel Pecunia):

Related sections: Walkthroughs, Housing layouts, Cheats.
See also: Angel Jayhawk's trade maps - Archaic Period, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom.

If you're interested in housing, also take a look at the housing layout generator, which will generate a graphic representation of your favourite housing block, which you can then post in the forum.

Name Author Other notes Download / View
The Flexi-block Afterburner The quick & easy solution to your housing problems View it here.
Work Camps Angel Socrateius How they work, and what to do with them. View it here.
More Housing Blocks VitruviusAIA Blocks, blocks and yet more blocks ;). View it in this forum thread.
Housing Block Essay SenetEr A new way of looking at housing. View it here.
Entertanment - more than you may wish to know Nero Would Some really good number-crunching here. Original forum post can be found here. View the article here.
Mission Creation Hints Ken "Ironrodiken" Parker Written by 1 of Pharaoh producers and level designers, this is a must read for anyone thinking about designing their own Pharaoh scenarios. HTML version here.
The Gods in Pharaoh Angel Reckless Rodent Information about all the gods you'll find in Pharaoh. Bonuses and wrath effects too. HTML version here.
Trade cities during career path Angel Reckless Rodent MS Word 6.0/95 format. Download it here.
Hotkeys MRed94 MS Excel 5.0/95 format. Also HTML version. Download it here, or view HTML version here.
Rostja tips Cherub Baltic All you need to know about how to get started in the Rostja scenario. HTML version here.
Enemy numbers Angel Reckless Rodent Enemy hit points, attack and defence values. HTML version here.
Days, weeks and ticks. Nerdicus All the most important numbers behind Pharaoh. Perfect for all you number-crunchers out there. Zipped Word doc here.
The Monuments Angel Reckless Rodent All the monuments available in Pharaoh, how big they are, and what you need to build them. HTML version here.
Housing Levels Angel Reckless Rodent Housing levels in Pharaoh, and what you need to make them evolve. HTML version here.
How to get 6 monuments Local_Yokel As the title suggests, this is how you can get 6 monuments in 1 scenario HTML version here.
Gaining the Upper Hand on Military Campaigns Vriesea Some excellent tips on how to survive those sometimes tough military-based scenarios. HTML version here.