Housing Layouts

Here are some housing layouts that some players have had success with. If you have any more, then please email Angel Pecunia.

MRed94 has done a couple of Excel spreadsheets detailing a normal housing block and an estate block. Both are zipped, and in Excel 5.0/95 format.

We have quite a few submissions from Buggi. First off, we have Excel spreadsheets (as before, MS Excel 5.0/95 version) detailing a normal block, an estate block, and also an industrial area. He's also put together 5 .gif files - his normal block, his estate block, his industry block, a massive estate block, and also a massive normal block, which will hold in excess of 5000 people. You can download all 8 files here (zipped, 111kb)

Khufu has sent me this housing block (Excel 95 format, zipped, 5kb).

Simon Righarts sent me this block (zipped, Excel 5.0/95 format), which he says will hold more than 3000 people.

Max, 1 of the quickest players out there, has sent me this block (once again, zipped but Excel 97 this time). In fact, there are 2 blocks in the workbook, 1 by Max and 1 by fellow speedy forumer SenetEr.

Octavian II sent me this tri-road housing block. It is in Excel 4.0 format, and zipped.