Previews of Pharaoh

Here come the previews...

If it's prevews of Pharaoh you want, then you've come to the right place.   This is the archive of all Pharaoh previews on the Internet.  Well, that's the theory anyway.  If you know of a preview that doesn't appear here, them mail me and let me know (don't forget to send the url too).

  • GameSpot preview of Pharaoh
    "There have been other city-building games before, but Impressions is hoping the unique setting and the chance to erect great monuments in your name will lure you to the Nile when the game ships this fall."
  • Interview with Alex Rodberg at Gamenation
    "Egypt is a fascinating time in human history... there are still many mysteries from that time that we can't puzzle out today. Plus, the dynamic of the Nile works well in terms of gameplay. It's also something of a hobby with the designers."
  • Q&A with Alex Rodberg at UGN3D
    "The annual flood varies in timing, quality (fertility level) and area of effect. The city's "Nilometer" (yes, they really had these) communicates the most likely timing and quality of the next flood. These were never exact, but surprisingly accurate. Your relationship with Osiris, the god of the Nile flood, plays a role in this too."
  •'s Pharaoh preview
    "The game looks rich and promising. All of things that made Caesar a popular series are here with some great enhancements. If you enjoyed the Caesar series this is a must have. If not, I would reccomend taking a new look at Pharaoh. This may change your mind."
  • Pharaoh preview at GamersCentral
    "The graphics are mouthwatering with lush colors (16 bit) and a level of detail that's rarely seen in games like this and that's just talking about the in-game graphics. The art and movies that come with the game will be equally stunning and are sure to lure you right into the spirit of the game. Just be ready for a visual feast okay?"
  • Post-E3 Pharaoh Preview at GameCenter
    "As with Impressions' most recent strategy game, Caesar III, pleasing the gods is key, but the Egyptian pantheon has 15 major gods who must be satisfied. Building gorgeous temples to the gods will also aid the economy, because the priests of each temple will recruit workers in occupations relevant to the god they serve--for example, a temple to the God of War will get you soldiers."
  • IGN Interview with Chris Beatrice
    "We recently got a chance to sit down with a man that we here at IGNPC are convinced is the luckiest man in the world. Chris Beatrice, the Director of Design and Development for Impressions software is currently putting together Pharaoh, a new title based on the Caesar 3 engine that will let players try their hand at building an Egyptian dynasty that will last through the ages. Although the game is just getting underway, we did manage to squeeze a few details out Beatrice, and now we're more excited than ever! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and check the new artwork we managed to sneak out of the offices, including a few never before seen sketch pieces that show the artistic direction that the project is heading for..."
  • Computer Games Online - early Pharaoh prevew
    "Caesar, bah! Let us play a game based around ancient Egypt. And please! No more Egyptian-themed Myst clones—we want to run an empire, not drift through artsy images bereft of people; in other words, give us a strategy game!"
  • Early preview from IGN
    "Okay, we're still in a holding pattern with Impressions over their upcoming game Pharaoh, but we did manage to pry two more exclusive screens of the game out of their hands."
    -->ARR's note:  The two screenshots they are talking about are these ones.