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The contest is now closed, but you can still play the events and compare your times to the winners. Each link below will take you to an Event Description page where you can read the mission briefing and download the event. Winners names and times are shown and you are challenged to match your skills against the winners.

Discussions of the various events, during competition, can be found in the Competition Corner Forum by searching for the Event Name.

Long events were submitted in 4 weeks, medium events in 2 weeks and short events in 1 week. Expert Events were played at Hard Difficulty Level; Open Events were played at the Declared Competing Level - Hard or Normal.

Good Luck to you!

Week 1 -

start June 23, 2000

Long - Foundation Expert
Long - Afhra-deshala Open
Medium - Revenge Open
Short - Drunkard's Dilemma Open

Week 2 -

start June 30, 2000

Medium - TUNEL Expert
Medium - Hammanat Open
Short - Palatial Estates Open

Week 3 -

start July 7, 2000

Medium - Wadi Hassan Open

Week 4 -

start July 14, 2000

Short - Bury a Hero Open