Welcome to the Pharaoh Heaven links section. Here, you'll find links to all the websites which deal with Pharaoh. If you have a Pharaoh fansite and want to see it listed here, please submit the address to Angel Jayhawk. There's also a page showing all the reviews that Pharaoh has received in the online gaming press to date.

Which way to Thebes?
The site's run by Grumpus the Elder, one of the regulars on our forum. He's widely regarded as one of the foremost map experts, so his pages are well worth checking out. The link to his new site seems to be down most of the time now, but you can still find most of the info by folowing the old link.
Pharaoh Music Jukebox
Just put the CD in the drive and you can jam while surfing ;).
Czech Pharaoh Site
Run by Cherub Baltic, the best Czech language site for Pharaoh.
A monument to Pharaoh
A nicely designed site with plenty of links and book recommendations.
Pharaoh Fast Track Guide at IGN
Nothing groundbreaking, but probably worth a look for beginner.
Note from Angel Jayhawk: You need to have an account at IGN to view this information.