Alex Rodberg Interview, part 2

ARR: And how about the other ratings - are things like Culture, Empire and Prosperity carried over from C3, and do they play a part in winning some scenarios, or is it basically just "you will build a pyramid"?

Alex: The ratings still exist - they definitely have to be in there so that you have a measure of the various aspects of the city, otherwise you'd have just 1 measure and you wouldn't be able to break it down. For example, you might have a superb education system but very little in the way of entertainment, so we need to make sure your city is balanced, and that's what the ratings do.

ARR: So you've still got the prosperity, and other ratings like that?

Alex: They've changed a little bit - they're now Culture, Prosperity, Monument and Kingdom.

ARR: And you're not planning on making any changes to that?

Alex: As far as I know, no. We'll see what the beta test throws up as far as that is concerned. I think 4 ratings works out well because you're not concentrating so much on the numbers, you're concentrating on something much more concrete.

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