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The Island of Alexandria

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 15000
Culture goal: 75
Prosperity goal: 100
Monument goal: 32
Kingdom goal: 100
Oh my great Pharaoh! As I am your Vizier I am shaken and fearful to be the one with the duty to report the bad news. After years of glory Egypt is being threatened once again. We have neglected the enemy forces of Hyksos. Hyksos and Bedouins have formed a secret alliance to sink Egypt into a sea of blood. They have been fortifying themselves silently for many years to form a great front to attack Egypt and its allies.
We have already lost many Egyptian cities and now those enemy forces are surrounding Alexandria. They also threaten to attack Egyptian cities that still resist. Distant trading cities are afraid of being attacked by our enemies and have closed trade routes with Alexandria. Those cities do not believe you can win this war. What a daring!
Because of the intense military activity, the labor force is scarce and will become very expensive. Wood has also been a scarce resource and our chariot makers have moved to distant towns where wood is plentiful and where factories can run without the risk of military strikes. The demand and price of commodities are unstable and have been influenced by the availability of trade routes. Hunger is another problem that is happening in cities under attack.
We are all seeking refuge in faith. The Egyptians pray for salvation and for peace. Bast is the patron god of Alexandria and tries to influence the spirit of Seth, Ra and Ptah. Divine help will be essential to overcome the difficulties, but the blessings of the Gods will not be enough to save us.
Pharaoh's popularity and kingdom score are vulnerable and sensitive to the outcome of his decisions in war and politics. A civil war will be unavoidable if the kingdom's score falls down to zero.
Oh, magnificent Pharaoh! Nothing is lost while Alexandria and your magnificence are standing. You had overcame difficult times. Perhaps the next fifty years will be the worst moments of Alexandria, but I do believe you will save Egypt once again.
Come and see beyond the fields. Look beyond the waters of Alexandria. My worthy Pharaoh, can you see that island beyond the waters? That island can be your safe haven! If your Excellency expands Alexandria to that island we will be almost immune to enemy attacks. Build bridges there and use them as a trap against enemy invasions. Use your troops for the battles that really matter and improve your defenses. From that island you can protect the rest of the Egyptian cities that still resist. Alexandria will be able to regain the confidence of the distant cities and reestablish the lost trade routes.
After this nightmare, when things are under control, my great Pharaoh, you can bring prosperity and grandeur to Alexandria. To ensure the support and respect of the scribe class, you should provide the conditions for at least thirty palatial residences. Order the construction of the Libriry of Alexandria and of Casareum, a place for resting after your these days. Completing these requirements in less than fifty years will prevent civil war and the egyptian people will never again doubt Pharaoh's ability to govern.

==Dev Notes==
* This is a scenario made to be challenging. I played it on the normal difficulty and I was on the limit until the first and long ten years. I challenge you to play this scenario on normal difficulty and without cheating. If you can win on the hard level, you're the best.
* Consider the plot of this scenario in the timeline after the end of the Pharaoh game campaign and before the plot of the Cleopatra expansion. Read the above mission story carefully. There are important tips for you to win.
* You will receive requests for troops and food. Your performance accepting or denying these claims will have consequences for your kingdom score, for the market, and for the demand and price of commodities. Saving cities will be easier than regaining them, but nothing impossible to do.
* No wood and charriot maker on this map. Charriots must be imported or won by gifft.
* Have fun playing and apologize for any English language mistake.

==City Notes==
Resources: Every thing except wood
Monuments: Casareum, Library of Alexandria
Gods: Bast (Patron), Ra, Osires and Seth

==Win Requirements==
Culture: 75
Kingdom: 100
Population: 15000
Monument: 2
50 years for completing the requirements
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
very well strucutured overall; Prices are well strucutred. i was not able to complete it, due to lack of stone importing, cause i missed some troops requests early on.(even after i played it 4 times from the start)
Requests start to early and end all of a sudden
after a while;

Balance: 5
I would rate it a Hard scenario - keeps you on your toes;

Creativity: 5
Lots of city layout possibilities, and keeps you busy with food planning, imports, military decisions (you have to have transports and war galleys at the same time, and standing armies and towers, as double requests arrive at the same time, as well as invasions sometimes).
You have access to gold, but iron is more important, at least early on.

Map Design: 4
finding a balance beetwen war ships, transport ships, dock and fishing is not easy. At lot of costal area is not buildable (no access to sea)
Its very realistic layout, and at the same time makes it very difficult to keep up with the military requests. I' m not a big fan of pyramid complexes, and i found only 1 location where to build it, and this actevely blocks and makes akward the exit to trade routes;
Overall map design is very nice and thought out - farming works nicely and challanging; the trees, even do cannot be harvested, are a nice effect. Some problems with costal and water design for me.
Naval armies are transport only, and they arrive from one side of the map and land troops on the complete opposite

Story/Instructions: 5
I love the story and how it unfolds - very good idea!

Additional Comments:
suggested changes:
- Change pyramid complex to big pyramid - make stone and other building materials trade routes available automatically starting towards 355 a.c.
- Change fourth food variety - (i feel like a fourth growable food, or making game available to hunting, would be better.
- Change God Patron to Ra - Even do lots of population is required, i feel like that is not the central objective of the scenario.
-Also i found a bug in the trade routes around 350 a.c. (i think). It automatically shuts down a trade route.
- Fix naval entry point for military boats - from east to west of the map

- Thank you for posting this scenario, i had fun playing!
File Author

Hello Pebble444!
Thank you for playing the map and for helping to improve it.
I noticed that the recorded score is not the same as you described in the review.
About your suggestions for a change, I will certainly accept some. After making the adjustments and testing the map, I'll post it here again along with my one gameplay.
File Author
Every thing running fine now. Almost all of the suggestions were accepted. I will post the photos of the completed map in the forum dedicated to this.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I just found it and the monument was not challenged to built, The request came a little bit too early but doable. I succeed after my third time tough
Balance: 5
The price and wage rising is good keeping me from rely on one type of product. The time for hykross also at a good period on this scenario.
Creativity: 5
The way you put request was interesting.

Map Design: 4
Look good.

Story/Instructions: 5
Your story was okay and Yes bridge really play it role. but sometime i take the drawback and let them destroy my mine.

Additional Comments:
Very good one, This one is my favorite.

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Map Design4.0
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