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Cleopatra: Completed cities
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Abu (Elephantine)

Author File Description
File Details
Era/Kingdom: Old Kingdom
Score: 39265
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population: 12056
Culture rating: 35
Prosperity rating: 100
Monument rating: 0
Kingdom rating: 100
This is inspired by GovernorSimulus' maximum population quest. but instead of fitting as many people in a map, I focus on getting 12k population in Old Kingdom period.

My personal rules in this quest will be:
* Very hard difficulty
* 12,000 population
* 100 prosperity rating
* All houses are residences or better
* All roads are connected, optional for entertainment venue
* All schools, libraries, mortuaries and senet houses are well supplied.
* Personal funds only used for kingdom rating
* Smooth population census - no aging problem
* Final city should runs with minimal intervention

There are 50 common manors and 84 spacious residences in 5 housing blocks. 24 grain farms and 29 lettuce farms produce most of the food, supplemented with imported chickpeas and fish.

I've decided to skip Saqqara and try my hand on floodplain farming here. Abu will be the last map in the quest.

Problem #1: City Layout

I gave up southwest plain in order to reduce the number of distribution centre from three to two - northwest for water route and southeast for land route. It also allows me to simplify the city layout down to two worker blocks and two manor blocks, with one tiny worker block on the isle to connect the northwest manor block.

Butterfly block is used at the east land mass to get the most out of its narrow shape. Not as stable without the help of Bast temple complex. 6 spacious residences are affected by disappearing dancer.

Barley and reeds are imported, as well as all finished goods. It was done to save space for two huge distribution centre. One group of storage yards are set to accepting the amount of goods set in overseer. Another group of storage yards are set to getting minimal goods from the first group. Caravans' travel distance shortened, ship waiting time minimized, goods distributed regardless of where the trade is done. Hopefully.

Final city layout:
East worker block: 31 spacious residences
Central worker block: 48 spacious residences
Central manor block: 28 common manors
Isle worker block: 5 spacious residences
Northwest manor block: 22 common manors

Problem #2: Floodplain Farming

Flooding is predominantly good in Abu, but a series of bad floods can happen here. So I set up a food emergency plan that would let my city survive a six years drought.

With everyone eating two foods, Abu would produce and consume grain & lettuce only, but would still import and distribute chickpeas & fish. If grain and lettuce are in short supply, the city would rely on chickpeas & fish. Each house would have 8 years food supply in case of food shortage. It is a neat plan.

However, the plan fell apart when the city reached 11k people. My farms didn't produce enough food even though the overseer of the granaries told me they churn out enough food for 14k people. So plan adjusted. The northwest manor block consumes lettuce and fish while the small isle consumes chickpeas and fish. That means the northwest block will only store 4 years worth of food while the rest of the city has food for eight years. It is an acceptable trade off considering I now have more than enough food for my city, which means faster recovery from failed floods.

Fortunately, the flood is better than expected. In the save file, Abu is getting hit by two years of failed flood, three if unlucky, but no house devolves and the food level recovers a few years later. Judging from the food level, the northwest manor block would fall at the fourth failed flood. If that is the case, I think the only solution would be getting minor blessing from Osiris to improve flooding. It must be rare though. 50 years has passed since the city hit 12k and non happens yet.

Food consumption:
13512 grain
16680 lettuce
600 chickpeas
3768 fish

Add two Jugger Booth at the northwest block to win the game.
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File Author
It turns out that once the city stabilizes, I could get enough grain & lettuce for the rest of the city by increasing the number of spacious residences at the small isle from 5 to 8 and let them consume only imported chickpeas & fish. So the original food management plan works.

Four larger blocks now have food supply for 8 years. The food supply of small isle housing block would only be affected when the rest of the city starts consuming chickpeas & fish. When grain and lettuce production is shutdown, the city could last 8 years but the recovery would takes many years longer. In practice, a 6 years drought could bring down the entire city because of housing level fluctuation caused by uneven distribution capacity. Still, an improvement from previous 4 years food management plan.

I've included the new save file(III-I Abu - Food Management Ver 2). It is getting hit by a 2 to 4 years drought (again). The entire city will survive but 8 spacious residences on the small isle would temporarily devolve to common residences when the food level recovers, due to the uneven distribution capacity mentioned above.

Final city layout:
East worker block: 28 spacious residences
Central worker block: 48 spacious residences
Central manor block: 28 common manors
Isle worker block: 8 spacious residences
Northwest manor block: 22 common residences

Food consumption:
16320 grain
16320 lettuce
960 chickpeas
960 fish

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