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Era/Kingdom: New Kingdom
Score: 28049
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population: 20004
Culture rating: 80
Prosperity rating: 100
Monument rating: 70
Kingdom rating: 100
Hetep, finally finished on Very Hard

- no bailout/debt/personal funds used
- no festivals or blessings (one early curse from Osiris)
- all roads other than the kingdom road were connected (eventually)
- 20,004 pop in 187 FR and 14 PE
- city has been almost completely stable for 19 years (dropped briefly to 20,000 a couple of times)
- almost fireproof, 1 fire in 19 years
- 100% library coverage, only 1 block without mortuary coverage
- festival square is a 4-way intersection at the centre of the city
- no malaria, disease or plague except when I forgot to place an apothecary with some new housing midway thru the game

I did use
- future knowledge of trade routes
- knowledge of early requests
- 2x2 house formation (which in hindsight probably took a lot of the "very" out of Very Hard)
- long walks in many places
- I'm also not totally happy with zoo/senet house/library placement
- Kingdom road isn't connected, I decided not to risk it

Managed to sell 1000 papyrus in the first year by using the existing road, placing 2 papyrus makers, dropping wages to 26, and reloading to get the timing of the trade route opening perfect.

Then sold the max papyrus and bricks each year and built up the manor block so they could evolve as soon as flax imports became available.

Once the manors were running it got a lot simpler, just building up the city, bricks, and importing the max amount of limestone.

A lot of time could have been saved with better pyramid construction, guild placement was a bit of an afterthought.

Food distribution is usually my downfall but I got it right this time, placing houses closer to the fisheries rather than trying to drag food all over the map. All houses eat grain and fish, with just the PEs also eating game meat. Nice to not rely on game meat. Some meat was also imported for a few years.

Most of the trade was by land so I built a sort of "land dock" with a lot of SYs near the caravan exit point to make sure caravans never had to travel too far.

There's 4 save files, the finish at 620 months with the city barely staying stable because of the worker shortage. The last few years were spent juggling priorities - basically turning entertainment on and off. I don't imagine it will last much longer before collapsing!

The save from 32 years is more stable, with the pop just having reached 20,004, and with all buildings in place, basically the "proper" city before I started deleting stuff.

There's also a save from the end of the first year and from 9 years in when the first manors had formed.

Annoyingly I got to the end of the game and saw that the "least difficult level" was Very Easy! I use VE for testing sometimes but was sure I hit "replay mission" and started on VH. Definitely started on VH with 1500db and never changed the level. Anyway, seeing as I'm not going to play the whole thing over it'll have to stay like that :)
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wisco hi,

I am not an expert so could you explain me why you disconnected the kingdom road? why did you not risk it?
File Author
Hi wisco,

If the kingdom road is connected, caravans will only travel along the roads to get to store yards. If it's disconnected, they'll take the most direct route cross-country. The direct route is almost always quicker because they can travel diagonally.

As you can only have a limited number of caravans from each city on the map, the quicker they go, the more you can trade.

The city needs at least 8 caravans each year from a couple of cities to get all their imports and I'm not sure if it would have worked if the kingdom road had been connected. It was my first try at Very Hard so I decided to make it a bit easier for myself :)
wisco aha ok! that may be the reason why I didn't get that much import if I exported with the same city.

but if I could build a lot of SY at the entry point, this problem is solved?

is there a limit on how much goods (total of import + export) you can trade in a year. or does the number next to the good only counts. so if I sell papyrus and they want 1500/year and I buy beer and barley (lets say 2500 each), then I have to make sure the caravan can travel quickly on my map . so it's not that each city has a combined trade limit of their import and exports?

File Author
Yep, it's only limited by the number of caravans. Each caravan can buy 800 items and sell 800 items so in your example you'd need 7 caravans each year to get the full 5000 barley & beer.

Each city can have I think 1, 2 or 3 caravans on the map at a time, there's a thread on the game help forum.

If the caravans have to walk all over the city to trade that can slow them down so having the yards doing import/export somewhere close to the line they take from entry to exit can speed up trade.

Probably best to start a thread on the Game Help forum if you have other questions, that way you'll get much better advice from people who know way more than me :)

[Edited on 08/11/13 @ 03:57 AM]

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