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The Lost City

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Normal
Population goal: 3500
Culture goal: 40
Prosperity goal: 75
Monument goal: 11
Kingdom goal: 90
Latest version: 1.0.5
Please see comments below for update changes.

UPDATE: There is a follow up mission to this one called Mycenae. You can find it here: Click Me!

Pharaoh has sent you to the island of Cyprus to create a prosperous city in which you can send goods back to Egypt. It seems that the location he has picked is the location of a former city that was lost to time and the location contains many resources that can be exploited.

However, there is a price to pay for finding such a good location. This area of Cyprus is prone to being attacked by the Mitani and they will pay you many visits from Mycenae in order to remind Egypt that this area does not belong to Pharaoh.

While building and securing your city, be aware that other cities will come under attack. Be prepared to send waterborne troops to defend distant lands and to open trade routes that will provide you with the goods that you need to build a thriving settlement here.

To remind the Mitani who is in charge, Pharaoh wants you to erect a granite obelisk but there is no granite to be found in Cyprus. Abu will trade granite later on into the mission. Pharaoh also wishes you to build a small mastaba tomb to house your remains.

Pharaoh has given you a generous supply of cash to get started here. Use the money wisely and use the natural resources carefully.

Please leave all feedback about this map below or create a thread over in the Pharaoh Heaven Scenario Design forum. I will respond to all feedback! :)
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File Author
* Fixed bug where Mastaba couldn't be built due to no Work Camps.
* Reduced population requirement. Space available doesn't allow for 4000 people unless all houses were fully evolved.
* Added more events to make the mission slightly harder. These include more invasions and other requests.

To-do for 1.0.2:
* Rowarty should be another source of Pomegranates. Imports from Kyrene only are not enough and houses frequently devolve as a result.
* Rowarty needs to be a buyer of linen. Without a city buying linen, importing flax is pointless as it will stockpile in Storage Yards.
File Author
The map has been updated to 1.0.2

* Implemented a new trade route to Tyre
* Rowarty and Kyrene now buy linen
* Abu and Rowarty now buy papyrus
* Rowarty now sells pomegranates
* Made some of the requests more unpredictable

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this map, please post them below or make a thread in the Scenario Design forum and I will reply as soon as I can! :)
File Author
The map has been updated again. Sorry! Keep finding bugs each time I playtest it :lol:

* Fixed some bugs relating to events not triggering as intended
* Implemented a new trade route to Iunet
* Changed Tyre and Iunet trade routes to Water from Land

As before, please comment or review the map below or in a forum thread!

To-do for 1.0.4:
* Rework the events of the map by putting them in chronological order, rather than having them mixed up as they currently are.

[Edited on 12/24/12 @ 05:13 AM]

File Author
Map updated to 1.0.4. Some bugs that were fixed were found during playtesting and not found after this update.

* Redone events in chronological order. Changed events to make them slightly different than before
* Added a gift intended for Mycenae to bribe you
* Only one distant battle request to Rowarty now. Other trade routes either open without any action or after fulfilling a request to the city. The former only happens if the trade route wasn't opened by requests
* Fixed bug where Abu wouldn't sell granite (demand increase events weren't set), resulting in mission being unplayable due to no obelisk
* Iunet and Tyre now trade 1500 beer/year. Importing barley becomes more of a problem with multiple trade routes being open and said routes wandering across the map to find goods they need. Dock placement might make this better though, but not sure.
Map Design5.0
I found this scenario to be a fun way to spend two leisurely days of city-building, neither too simple nor too hard. I gave it four stars for everything but map design and balance because the map was very pretty and challenging to fit everything into. I gave three for balance because you basically build up the city the first few years and then it is nearly non-stop invasions thereafter wile you rush to import raw materials for the monuments and get the mission over with. This non-mixing of city-building and military phases of the scenario caused me to lower the "balance" rating over the others a bit.

Overall though a fun, well-crafted mission I can recommend.
File Author
After reading GovernorSimulus' comment in the forum, I've updated the map with some changes as suggested by himself :)

- Altered demand levels for various items to increase mission difficulty in terms of exports (cities now buy and sell a lot less of various items, invariably to increase mission difficulty)
- Added trade route between Enkomi and Rowarty as a separate troop request route.
- Corrected gift of debens showing a small amount.

Also, the population goal may have been accidentally lowered, so it may be reading 2500 rather than the required 3500. I'll fix this later. :)
Map Design5.0
I really enjoyed the map. Though the military part was quite challenging to be honest. But I quess that was just my laziness in combination with the overall rather inferior battle-dymaics of the game. The chariots are really a plus though.

The map is well designed. Not a typical run of the mill sandbox area. Makes you really think about how to structure your city.

The story is also great. How do you even come up with that kind of historical background? Really good work.

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Map Design5.0
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