Competition Rules

1. Introduction
Pharaoh Heaven hosts Pharaoh/Cleopatra competitions so that players can participate in city building contests to test their competitive skills against other players in a spirit of fun and fair play.

2. Game Features
2.1 You will find the list of currently banned and known but permitted 'game features' on the Pharaoh Heaven: Pharaoh/Cleopatra Game Features Page. That page forms part of, and should be read in conjunction with, this Competition Rules page. The Competition Rules or use of any any features may be amended by a Contest Designer/Organiser within the specific game rules.

2.2 If a player discovers a feature during the course of the game which is not covered by the Features Page, and which results in a benefit to their competition entry, they should immediately inform the Contest Designer/Organiser via the email address on the Game Page, who will then decide on the appropriate course of action regarding its use.

3. Game Saves
You must save your game every December. These saved games are not to be submitted with your entry, but may be asked for during the evaluation. During game play, at the beginning of December each year, you will receive a message about increased price of a good (the Contest Designer/Organiser will identify which good on the game page), this is a reminder to save your game.

4. Messages
You may not delete any of the messages you receive during the game, irrespective of their content.

5. Cheat Codes
You may not use any cheat codes, modify starting files with any programme other than the game itself, or edit the model files.

6. Contest Difficulty
Contests may be organised at one or more levels of difficulty. The Contest Designer/Organiser will indicate which difficulties are applicable to a particular competition on the game page. You may not change the difficulty level during the game, nor may you compete in both divisions of the same contest (if there is more than one difficulty).

7. Pharaoh/Cleopatra Compatibility
Players with Cleopatra may also compete in Pharaoh competitions, but may not use the Cleopatra Pyramid Speed-up Blessing, unless specifically permitted by the Competition Designer/Organiser.

8. Game Discussion
No discussion of your entry, such as your results or any aspect of your strategy, may take place on any forum or by any means whatsoever until the contest has closed and the "official discussion thread" has been opened by the Contest Designer/Organiser or a Pharaoh Heaven staff member.

Any query which a player considers might contravene this rule should be raised with the Contest Designer/Organiser by email, the details of which should be found on the Game Page.

9. Game Version
You should use the most up-to-date version of the game (for your language version) that is available.

10. Game Entry
It is the player's own responsibility to ensure their own entry is valid. You may only submit one entry to a competition. If you submit more than one entry, only the first entry will be scored. You should save your final entry file using the following naming convention:

Competition name-Your name-Difficulty

and then you should zip it using a programme such as 'Winzip' using the same naming convention.

You should then attach your entry to an email and send it to the email address as shown on the Game Page. Please state in your email which version you used to play the game, Pharaoh or Cleopatra. This is important.

11. Evaluation
The decision of the Contest Designer/Organiser or a Pharaoh Heaven staff member in any competition is final and will be binding on any and every player.

12. Breach of the Rules
Failure to abide by the competition rules will result in an entry being judged as void. Persistent offenders (that is, players who have been found to contravene the rules more than once) may also be barred from future competitions.