Game Features

1: Introduction
This page form part of, and should be read in conjunction with, the Pharaoh Heaven Competition Rules page. It shows the 'currently banned' and 'known but permitted' game features.

Unless specifically prohibited in a particular competition, during the course of the game you may:

  • use all game play features listed in the 'permitted features' section below.
  • adjust your salary, send gifts, organize festivals as you wish.
  • save the game multiple times during game play until reaching level of satisfaction for final submission
  • pay workers at any wage level and impose any taxes you wish, and change them at any moment during the game.
  • ignore the gods or worship them, as you please.

Unless specifically prohibited in a particular competition, your saved game entry may:

  • have high unemployment, worker shortages, epidemics or crime.
  • be at any terms with the gods
  • be at any terms with your city; people may be leaving or unhappy.
  • have outstanding requests.
  • have an invasion in progress.

2: Banned features

2.1 The Cart Pusher/Storage Yard Increase feature
The deliberate manipulation of a partial delivery by a cart pusher to a storage yard to increase the amount of goods, food or raw materials subsequently carried by the cart pusher and deposited in other storage yards.

2.2 The 1/12th meadow farm production feature
The deliberate use of the feature to induce meadow farms to produce 1/12th of its annual production per month.

2.3 Overlapping farms
Building floodplain farms that overlap existing farms which have disappeared before the inundation is completely gone.

2.4 Avoiding collapsing gold mines and clay pits
Deleting a gold mine or clay pit immediately before collapse and then 'undoing' after the turn of the month.

2.5 Killing traders
Deliberately killing land traders prior to them leaving the map by the normal exit point.

3: Permitted features

3.1 Free items
If you drag the tool for gardens, roads, plazas, irrigation ditches, walls and deletes outside the map to the top or right, you don't have to pay the cost of the construction/deletion.

3.2 Gardens as walls
If gardens are placed on tiles before a sprite has chosen a path crossing them, they make impenetrable walls to everything, including invaders. (This is a Pharaoh only feature). Similarly garden construction over an animal spawn site prevents their movement.

3.3 Free Temple Complex add-ons
After building a Temple Complex add-on, an immediate undo leaves a functioning altar/oracle but refunds the cost.

3.4 Free use of a festival square
A festival square may be used to arrange a festival immediately after being built and then "undone", getting the cost of building the square refunded.

3.5 Multiple recruiters
Multiple recruiters can be built by setting the game to a slow speed, deleting an existing recruiter, then undo, and as soon as the building is back, pause the game. Select recruiter, point to the place where you want it, release the pause and click. Without extremely tedious micromanagement, only one recruiter will ever receive weapons/chariots, the other(s) will provide tower guards.

3.6 Over quota sea trading
Careful (but somewhat tedious) manipulation of trade limits in the Overseer of Commerce screen can result in water-trade export and import quantities above the stated annual quota.

3.7 Towers without road access
A tower labour-seeking walker, having found employees, never sends out another one, so it no longer needs road access to housing if the tower always has at least 1 employee.

3.8 Clay pits
These may be built close to the edge of a map, even though they are a long way from water.

3.9 Irrigation
Farms are usually irrigated if their north corner tiles are within 4 tiles of an irrigation ditch.