Food and Farming

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Food and Farming buttonThese are all the structures you'll find under the "Food and Farming" button, shown on the right here.   You'll need these if you're going to ensure your people are fed and happy.

Name Cost Employees Needed Effect on Desirability Fire risk Collapse risk Notes
Cattle Ranch 75 12 -- Yes   Needs straw to function.
Farm 40 10 -     Types are: Barley, Chickpea, Lettuce, Fig, Flax, Grain and Pomegranate.  Farms places on floodplains do not require workers.
Fishing Wharf 60 6 --- Yes Yes Must be placed on a straight piece of coastline.  Needs a shipwright, but not wood, to function.
Irrigation Ditch 8          
Water Lift 30 5 -     Must be placed on straight coastline or next to floodplain.
Work Camp 60 20 - Yes    
Most Negative Desirability legend Most Positive