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August 2001


August 23, 2001 3:14 AM EDT
CBC Pharaoh Contest
he good folks at CityBuildingContests.net have gotten their latest competition underway. Called Emcampment, it's a Pharaoh contest which will appeal to the more military-minded of you. The contest page is here, and here's a snippet of the story, just to get you all excited:

It is a time of crisis. Our enemies, the Mitani, are growing in strength and are threatening our expansion to the East. A trade blockade has cut off our only access to the luxury items that the upper classes require. Worse still, a recently established mining colony at Sharuhen has been obliterated by the Mitani.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 2, 2001 9:15 PM EDT
Cleo Competition - Alexandria Campaign
omegrown has started a discussion in the Competition Forum about a Beauty Contest using the Cleo Alexandria 3 map. That is the one with all the cool monuments that carry over from the previous missions. The details arent completly worked out yet, so there is plenty of time to join in. The date for submittal is September 30th.

Angel Gustavia

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