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July 2002


July 30, 2002 3:09 AM EDT
Transition Time
ou will (or should) have seen yesterday's message about the Downloads Section being temporarily off line. I promised to tell you when it got better.

Well, the news is, it may get worse.

We are busy moving servers, and have run in some problems of varying severity. The Downloads Sections may be working intermittently. Uploading files is almost certain to fail, so it's best to wait with uploading until we get everything working perfectly once more.

Worse, even the sites themselves may be down intermittently. We are aware of this and doing out utmost to get everything working as soon and as smoothly as possible.

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Angel Jayhawk

July 28, 2002 4:46 PM EDT
Game-Over Previews Emperor
ame Over Online has posted a new preview of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It's based on a early build of the game and has 20 new screen shots for your viewing pleasure. Here's a snippet:

Control of the military is often the Achilles heel of the Impressions city-builders. Emperor lets you wield a good amount of troops, provided you have the economic base and the revenue in city profits to support it. That's an important issue because in Emperor, you'll be exposed to more cities than before. You can trade, demand goods, give goods, attack and spy on neighboring cities. If your city is stronger or more powerful in military terms, you can extract tribute, thereby bolstering your economy without really developing it. During the course of the campaign, you'll play a part in forging imperial dynasties. So it follows that rivals or leaders, like the emperor himself, will make wanton demands. This feature was so necessary in the Caesar games that it's astonishing to see it implemented to its fullest extent here. In truth, that's what killed a lot of the Roman governors; unreasonable random demands from Rome. Suffice to say, the empire map is something you will definitely make use of in Emperor. It expands the overall scope of the game irrevocably.
You can read the full preview here, then discuss the new screen shots in our Emperor Forums.

Angel Draco

July 23, 2002 3:55 PM EDT
Oh Happy Day

Angel Jayhawk

July 17, 2002 11:43 AM EDT
GameSpy Previews Emperor
new in-depth preview of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom has been posted at Gamespy, along with 14 new screenshots. Here's a snippet:

For the first time, BreakAway brings multiplayer to their city-building series. Up to eight players can choose to play either cooperative or competitive in Emperor. Cooperative multiplayer has each player complete an assigned goal, such as completing a section of the Great Wall. Sharing resources is necessary and trade is emphasized. In competitive multiplayer, players race to complete their goal, which are often military in nature. Emissaries can be used to give gifts, form alliances, and open trade. They also carry private messages between players and allow players to see a snapshot of each other's cities.
You can read the full review here, then discuss it with fellow gamers at Forbidden City, HeavenGames's Emperor forum.

Angel Jayhawk

July 11, 2002 1:14 PM EDT
Emperor Previews & Screenshots!
ierra's next city-building game, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, being developed by Breakaway Games (the same people who developed the Pharaoh expansion: Cleopatra), is due out this Fall 2003. There have been a few in-depth previews recently posted now that the gaming news media have gotten their hands on the press beta disks for Emperor.

PC.IGN posted their two-page Emperor preview back on June 15 with lots of screenshots.

Gamespot.com has just recently posted its in-depth preview and has an impressive number of 55 screenshots for you!

If you're a member of Gamespot's subscription service ("Gamespot Complete), the video preview is also worth a look see. At 85MB for the hi-res version and 69MB for the low-res, it will certainly be working your modems into overtime. I have a dial-up myself, but really found the video preview worth it because it shows several clips of actual gameplay. It's as close as you're going to get to really seeing the game in action until an actual demo is released.

Be sure to check out the 10 screenshots HeavenGames obtained while at the recent E3 convention and stop by the Forbidden City forum; HG's temporary home for Emperor located on the Caesar 3 Heaven forums.

Angel Jayhawk

July 3, 2002 1:36 AM EDT
The (unofficial) Osiris' ferryman competition
t seems it's time for another competition. This one is set for September and will be hosted by civilis.

The contest is based on Baltic's "Surfing between Skylla and Charybdis" from about a year ago.

You can read more about it in the Competition forum.

Angel Jayhawk

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