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April 2002


April 30, 2002 9:13 AM EDT
New Competition
received an email from Enano Rojo the other day asking me if I could point you to a new competition.

Enano Rojo and Tryhard have decided to set up an unofficial competition from
HG. Every month there will be a new competition map.
You have one month, until 24th of May (Tryhard's birthday), to download and play the file from Tryhard - Nekhen Fortress Comp (competition).
Nekhen Fortress is a competition designed scenario. You can play at 3 levels: Normal, Hard and Very hard.
You start in January 1335 with an empty fortress. You have twenty years. On January 1315, an Hyksos army, 300 big, will attack from the North-East.
Useless to say that you cannot defeat them. Let them run to one bridge then destroy the bridges. Under constant fire from the tower, they will eventually leave (so between April and July). When one sees the lasts of them on the escape, the game has to be stopped and your achievements are assessed.
All files should be sent to Enano Rojo

For more information click here.

Angel Jayhawk

April 3, 2002 12:56 PM EST
'Grain' results and a new competition
just got a little email from GraniteQ over at CBC with the results of last month's mission: Grain.

The winners of the CBC March Pharaoh competition called 'Grain' were:
  Elf, at Hard difficulty,
  PiasaGene, at Easy difficulty.
I'm sorry to say, this month's CBC Cleopatra competition, Kom el-Hisn Pass, has been cancelled.

My congratulations to the winners.

Angel Jayhawk

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