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March 2003


March 28, 2003 8:08 AM EST
Pharaoh/Cleo maps in Excel format
ero Would has recently managed to create Excel versions of all the Pharaoh and Cleo career mission maps. These are sure to be a must have for the meticulous city planner.

There is a spoiler and no spoiler version of each map available. Further details of what is included in each can be found in this thread in our forums. The maps are available for download from our Miscellaneous Downloads section.


March 5, 2003 8:38 PM EST
ICU Pharaoh Contest
-Challenge U are running a Pharaoh contest, Merchant Oasis for March.

Our benevolent Pharaoh, Ramses II, beloved of Ra and Lord of the Two Lands, has an important mission for you, Nerferonpet, Scribe of the Treasury in the Estate of Amun-Re. He wants you to go to the West, into the desert, to a place where rich deposits of golden ore, gemstones and granite can be found.
Though rich in these highly-prized materials, this place, know as Farafra Oasis, lacks the necessary food and raw materials to support a large city. Only a few ostriches live there.
The Pharaoh, however, wants you to build a thriving city, to show the Bedouin tribes the prosperity of our rich country, as well as two mighty Obelisks, in honour of Ra! To accomplish this, you shall turn this small piece of desert into a merchant oasis, and trade with other cities in the country to get the goods you need and to sell those you can produce!
You may take no more than seven years to accomplish your task! A difficult task, for sure, but you’ll surely succeed!

They are also running a Caesar III contest, Loyalty this month. Full details of both contests can be found here


March 5, 2003 8:32 PM EST
Fayuum Contest Results
he winners from the Pharaoh Heaven Fayuum Contest have been announced. Congratulations to the winners, Martinu in the hard section and Shaun in the easy section. Also well done to all who managed to get a valid entry.


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