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November 2002


November 11, 2002 3:19 PM EST
Ikhet: Glorious Light
CU hosts a new Pharaoh Contest, and a special one at that, as it's the last scenario created by Alyana/Norahs2000. It is called Ikhet

Three...?!!" A hushed exclamation resounds through the cool air in the Grand Hall.
The Overseer of Monuments lowers his eyes and looks at his sandals as the Nomarch stares at him from the corner of his eyes, hushing him.
"Forgive me, My Lord...but the Son of Heaven is asking for a miracle. Three in 20 years?? It is a monumental task, if not impossible."

"We all work for Greater Egypt, lord architect. You will receive much help in many forms. Pharaoh has much faith in you."

The overseer raises his eyes for a fleeting glance before looking away, "I fear I do not feel the same myself...."
For more information, please visit ICU

Angel Jayhawk

November 7, 2002 2:12 PM EST
Is that giggle I hear before me?
t's been a while, but the City Builder sites have decided to increase their staff count once more.

We'd like you to welcome someone most of you will know from his designing of fiendishly clever and difficult scenarios. As such he will join us as, how shall we put it, Contest Cherub. With his help we'd like to go back to the days when we could offer you the odd City Builder Contest.

Please welcome Granite Q as the latest addition to an excellent team.

Angel Jayhawk

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