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February 2002


February 12, 2002 2:04 PM EST
Enter the Dragon...
rom my inbox into the news.

Impression's Jon Payne, dropped a very short email in my mailbox.It said:

Naturally I followed the link and like Alice down the rabbit hole, I found some wonderful news about the new China based City Builder they are working on together with BreakAway Games, with whom they worked on Cleopatra, the Pharaoh expansion.

What I've seen sofar looks stunning and will provide endless hours of guesswork as to what does what and how. The most intriguing bit of news, however, is that it will support multiplayer games.

Here's some more news about it, brought to my attention by Sir William of Pork.

Angel Jayhawk

February 6, 2002 2:32 PM EST
A sad day in Heaven
ome sad news was posted over on Caesar 3 Heaven. The first is a message from Ironrod/Kraken in which he tells us Impressions (Sierra), well known from producing Caesar 3, Pharaoh and Zeus, has decided to lay off part of their staff. Sadly he was one of the ones that had to go.
Bob Taylor followed up that post by informing us of some of the other known staff that were asked to leave as well, they include Reed, Eugrabades, Balthasar and Nixon. You can find his post here.

A sad day in the history of gaming.

We, the staff of Pharaoh Heaven, wish them all the best.

This link will tell you more.

Angel Jayhawk

February 3, 2002 3:53 AM EST
The Flexi-Block
he strategy section had been updated today, with the addition of a new housing block strategy devised and posted in the forum by Afterburner. So, if you've been unable to find the perfect Pharaoh housing block, then have a look here at the Flexi-block - it may be the answer to all your problems.

Angel Reckless Rodent

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