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January 2003


January 27, 2003 1:48 PM EST
Fayuum - An Upcoming Attraction
ur favourite scenario maker, Granite Q has been at it again and has devised another fiendish scenario, titled Fayuum.

The competition will open February 1st
If you want to know more, you'd better keep an eye on The Competition Corner.

Angel Jayhawk

January 2, 2003 3:02 PM EST
In the mood for a Cleopatra Contest?
or January I-ChallengeU is running a Cleopatra contest The Tomb of Osiris.

You Sennedjem, Servant on the Place of Truth’ and ‘Royal Governor of the ‘Village of the Workmen’, are asked to come to the royal presence of the great Pharaoh Seti I…
“Sennedjem, I, Seti I, ‘Son of Horus’, ‘King of the Two Lands’, have a very important task for you.” – the Pharaoh says – “For thousands of years, Abydos was known as ‘The Sacred City of Osiris’… Several temples dedicated to Osiris, God of the Underland, and to other gods, as well as magnificent tombs to house Pharaohs’ and Nobles’ sacred remains after their departure to the Field of Reeds were built there.
Many years have passed since those glorious days, though, and now Abydos is nothing more than a desert site, where no one lives and nothing grows. But this is going to change: Because it is Osiris’s will, and my own will too, you shall go to Abedju and bring glory back to the city!"

With a primary Winning criteria of highest population and some interesting Completion criteria this contest sounds like it should be a lot of fun and a good challenge. Enjoy.


January 1, 2003 4:03 AM EST
Results of Prospector Contest
he results of the Prospector Contest have been announced in The Competition Corner forum.

In the Hard section Elf was the winner closely followed by Joshofet 2nd and Nero Would 3rd. In the Easy section Koppi took 1st place with TNT 2nd and Kach 3rd.

The fast times of many of the contestants were fairly amazing and congratulations to all who managed to get in an entry. Thanks also to GraniteQ for an interesting and fun contest and to Henrium and Marc5 for their help in testing it.


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