Life along the Nile
Life Along The Nile

The process of mummification, the form of embalming practiced by the ancient Egyptians, changed over time from the Old Kingdom (ca. 2750-2250 B.C.), when it was available only to kings, to the New Kingdom (ca. 1539-1070 B.C.), when it was available to everyone. The level of mummification depended on what one could afford. The most fully developed form involved four basic steps: (1) All of the internal organs, except the heart, were removed. Since the organs were the first parts of the body to decompose but were necessary in the afterlife, they were mummified and put in canopic jars that were placed in the tomb at the time of burial. The heart was believed to be the seat of intelligence and emotion and was, therefore, left in the body. The brain, on the other hand, was regarded as having no significant value and, beginning in the New Kingdom, was removed through the nose and discarded. (2) The body was packed and covered with natron, a salty drying agent, and left to dry out for forty to fifty days. By this time all the body's liquid had been absorbed and only the hair, skin, and bones were left. (3) The body cavity was stuffed with resin, sawdust, or linen and shaped to restore the deceased's form and features. (4) The body was then tightly wrapped in many layers of linen with numerous good luck charms, or amulets, wrapped between the layers. The most important amulet was the scarab beetle, which was placed over the heart. Jewelry was also placed among the bandages. At each stage of wrapping, a priest recited spells and prayers. This whole procedure could take as long as fifteen days. After the wrapping was complete, the body was put into a shroud. The entire mummification process took about seventy days.

February 1, 2005 1:01 PM EST
The Return of the Revamped Downloads
ngel Pecunia performed another bit of magic, with a tiny, tiny bit of help from yours truly, and moved all of the Pharaoh Downloads into the new format.

You can find them here.

Angel Jayhawk

October 29, 2004 5:03 PM EDT
October Screenshot Competition
reminder that you have 2 more days to get your entries to me. So far we've had one entry - I'm sure more than one person has had a disaster that's worth a screenshot ...

More information can be found here.


October 7, 2004 5:51 PM EDT
October Screenshot Competition
he October competition is being widened to include all the citybuilding games in the hopes of attracting more entries. The best entries will be added to our gallery.

So, what's the competition? It's for a screenshot, taken in normal gameplay, for the heading 'Worst Disaster'. Earthquake, fire, flood ... any shot that you think comes under that description can be entered. I realise that not all the games have the same disasters, but each has something that can come under that heading.

Contest Rules:

1. Your screenshot must be an image generated only by the core game (which does include the 'cheats').

2. Your screenshot must be saved in jpg, jpeg, or gif format.

3. Your screenshot must not be retouched using image-editing software.

4. Your screenshot must not contain content in violation of HeavenGames rules and guidelines.

5. Screenshots must be received by 31st October.

Screenshot Submissions:

1. You may enter a maximum of one screenshot for each of the CB games.

2. Submit your screenshot by attaching it to an email sent to


August 11, 2004 12:17 PM EDT
Children of the Nile Section
e've been busy, as you will soon notice, collecting lots of information for the upcoming Egytian game, Children of the Nile, from places like the official forums; and gathered it all in a little compendium.

You can find the Heaven Games interview with Chris Beatrice there, and some new screen shots. Yes, new screenshots!

The current design is still a temporary one, so don't be too disappointed if everything doesn't quite work yet.

Many thanks to the Heaven Games team comprising Jayhawk, Pecunia, EJay and Granite Q, and special thanks of course to Chris Beatrice of Tilted Mill.

You can find it here



December 3, 2003 12:57 PM EST
Backlog of Downloads
ith a humble and well meant apology, I'd like to announce that all files submitted in the past five weeks have been approved.

Some of you may know Angel Draco has stepped down from his position as Downloads Angel, and it seems I still need to get used to checking the new uploads myself.

However, the service should be restored to normal.

Angel Jayhawk

October 7, 2003 5:34 PM EDT
HeavenGames Demographics Survey
an you spare a couple of minutes to help HeavenGames? We need people to answer our Demographics Survey. This will help us improve the quality of advertising which will, in turn, help raise money to enable HeavenGames to stay online for a long time.

The survey is completely anonymous and the data you submit won't be connected to you in any way. Each person should only complete it once.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


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